Angel is a Premium Box Tsum Tsum. She is the first Tsum Tsum to come from a sequel spin-off TV series to a Disney animated film, and the second (after Perry) to come from a Disney animated TV show.

Information Edit

Angel is a Transformation Skill Tsum Tsum that temporarily transforms into two types of Tsum Tsum. Her skill is identical to Oswald's where she will transform all the Tsum Tsum on the screen into Angel Tsum Tsum and heart-eyed Stitch Tsum Tsum. Her base time is 5 seconds.

Strategy Edit

  • Angel is very similar to Oswald, with the benefits having a longer skill duration when fully upgraded, but with the drawback of a lower score.
  • When playing Bingo, she counts as a "Call a Sweetheart" Tsum Tsum.
  • Each heart-eyed Stitch Tsum Tsum that appears during Angel's Skill will count as a boy, mouth and initial-S Tsum Tsum during missions.

Skill Level Edit

Skill Level Time (sec) Skill Upgrade
1 5.0 1
2 5.4 1
3 5.8 2
4 6.2 4
5 6.7 7
6 7.0 21


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