Beast is a Premium Box Tsum Tsum.

Information Edit

Beast is a large diagonal Burst Skill Tsum Tsum. The base number of Tsum Tsum required to fill his Skill meter is 24. Higher Skill levels reduce the number required to fill his Skill meter.

Strategy Edit

Turn on the gyro and tilt your device to the right. Hold your device at that angle during the whole game to maximize the number of Tsum Tsum cleared. Tsum Tsum that haven't fallen onto the board yet will also be cleared.

At Skill Level 6, using the Item Boosters for +Coin and +5>4 can yield more coins on average than playing without any boosts.

While not officially written in the game, higher Skill levels will also increase Beast's clear radius.

Skill Level Edit

Skill Level Needed (Tsum Tsum) Skill Upgrade
1 28 1
2 24 1
3 21 2
4 18 4
5 16 7
6 14 21


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