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Seishinsan Seishinsan 30 June

Slow updates

I've been out of town for the past couple weeks due to work and other circumstances. Timely updates will resume in July. Sorry about that.

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Seishinsan Seishinsan 27 February

Finally, an Official List

A recent update on the Japan version of Tsum Tsum has added the ability to see if your current MyTsum is valid for the attempted mission in Bingo Cards and Event Missions. It also will provide a list of eligible Tsums for that particular mission. So, as I make my way through the various lists, I'll be slowly updating the Attributes lists with the correct Tsums. Currently, they are mostly correct, most of the lists will probably be missing a few or have a few Tsum Tsums that aren't valid. I'll be starting with the Initial lists, so those will be the first to be officially accurate. But the complete update will take a while to complete.

Noted, that there will still be some unofficial lists on the Wiki, because they're not currently a used cat…

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Seishinsan Seishinsan 30 December 2021

Why same?

Sometimes... I just really hate the Tsum Tsum developers. How many different ways are they going to name Princess Minnie Tsums? I don't want to use the series name as part of their title name, because it makes it really long, which makes it cumbersome to edit. It's the main reason I haven't updated the page yet, and just left what one of the wiki users, HMpower, has it named as, for now. I plan on changing it to something shorter, but I don't have time to think of proper descriptive names currently. Anyway, this was just a small rant, you may carry on.

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Batel ohana 191296 Batel ohana 191296 17 December 2021

אוסף הצום צום שלי

היי חברים

אני אספנית בובות צום צום של דיסני

כעת מעלה את האוסף שלי

ובכל פעם שאקבל צום צום חדש אעלה אותו לבלוג שלי

מקווה שתהנו מהבלוג ומהאוסף שלי

בתאל ציפקין אוחנה

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Seishinsan Seishinsan 21 October 2021

Up and Running

Finally got most of my computer issues worked out, so updates should resume on a more up-to-date basis. Sorry for any inconveniences.

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Seishinsan Seishinsan 10 October 2021

Computer Issues

So looks like my computer's going to be down for a little while, so updates will be slow going. In the meantime, on the Japanese version, Masquerade Aurora will start Fever and will create special Bombs, her base number of Bombs created is 1-2. Masquerade Tiana will start Fever and clear vertical lines, her base radius is SS.

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Seishinsan Seishinsan 1 August 2021

Slow Updates

Just a little notice, that the updates will be a little slow going for the next few days. Won't have access to my computer for a little while, so I won't be able to do any major updates to the wiki. Everything should be up to date before the end of the week though, so not too much a delay, hopefully. But as a mini Tsum Tsum update, the Japan version released an Ariel & Flounder Pair Tsum. And also a Parade Alice and Parade Snow White, who both have a power upgrade during Fever Time.

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MaikelF MaikelF 6 December 2020

Santa Chip

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Seishinsan Seishinsan 6 November 2020

Wiki "Upgrade" Vent

So first off, I'll just say the upgrade to the UCP format for this wiki, isn't great. Sure, everything works on technical level, but usability and ease of editing have made things quite difficult. Won't list everything I have issues with, mostly because I don't currently remember a lot of the minor gripes, and I don't want this post to become one long complaint, but one glaring issue I've come across, is the inability to edit tables. You have to do any real editing through the source format, which is how I did a moderate amount of editing to begin with, but now I'll need to work in Source Mode even more, which makes things more difficult. Also, UCP doesn't seem to be desktop editor friendly. They focused primarily on mobile editing, which …

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Seishinsan Seishinsan 6 October 2020


So the wiki has had our Forums automatically converted to the new Discussions format recently. It looks like it works a bit like message boards like Reddit and things of that nature. To be honest, it doesn't really work for this little slice of wiki life, but we'll just need to make do with what we have. Users will need to create a Fandom account to post anything on Discussions now, so if you wish to post your LINE ID in the Discussions thread, please do so.

I'm not familiar with Discussions myself, so this will be a learning journey for those of us who haven't been active in other Fandom websites. On the plus side, I can probably stop double posting events in Forums and on the event page itself. I'll probably still keep posting about new T…

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Seishinsan Seishinsan 28 March 2020

Behind schedule

Sorry for the lack up dates on the site recently. It's been so busy on my side of life, being one of the few people on earth who's still going in to work. Not in the food or medical services, the good people on the frontlines; but in IT, part of the people in background. I'm hoping I'll be able to get everything caught up this weekend. In the meantime, everybody stay safe, wash your dang hands, and keep playing on. ^_^

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Seishinsan Seishinsan 1 March 2020


So the Disney Tsum Tsum Wiki has hit a milestone of over 1,000 Pages. Granted some of the pages are unfinished and abandonded, but they're still here, so they still count lol. I should go back and clean up the wiki a bit, but that's going to take so much time, and so much work, that I'm almost certain that it's never going to happen.

Anyway, thanks to everybody who's help contribute the the many pages on the Wiki, and thanks in advance for hopefully, the many more contributions in the future.

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Busymomalways Busymomalways 13 December 2019

Looking for friends to trade hearts

Please add me user name Grammy

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Katie100413 Katie100413 11 September 2019

Looking for Tsum Tsum heart trading groups

Hello friends I have been playing tsumtsum for about 4 years but recently got a new phone and lost all info I was at level 230 😫I am looking to be added to a heart trading group I was in tsumtsum everyday before please help! Thanks My Line ID is Katie100413

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Seishinsan Seishinsan 3 August 2019

Bingo noooooooo...

So I enjoy the Bingo cards, but just the idea of creating the Bingo pages whenever the Japan version releases new cards is so exhausting. If I just listed all the Missions on the page, by themselves, it probably wouldn't be so time-consuming. But I had to go and make it fancy with mouse hovers and clickable image map spots.

I also notice I've been using the Blog posts as a venting page, which I guess helps lol. In any case, I'll have Bingo Cards 27 and 28 up some time soon.

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Inanimateinsanity4ever Inanimateinsanity4ever 22 February 2019

Forgotten Tsum Tsums

The Forgotten Tsum Tsums Are:

  • Anastasia Tremaine
  • Drizella Tremaine
  • Mary Mouse
  • Major the Horse
  • Diablo
  • Mushu
  • Cri-Kee
  • Wendy Darling
  • Nani
  • Cobra Bubbles
  • Giselle
  • Pom Pom
  • Chef Louis
  • Carlotta
  • Flotsam and Jetsam
  • Prince Naveen
  • Dug
  • Russell
  • Ellie
  • King Fergus
  • Queen Elinor
  • Eilonwy
  • Shan Yu
  • Li Shang
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Seishinsan Seishinsan 2 February 2019

New Months are Tiring

So begins a new month. A new month means new Tsums, and new Events which in turn means, of course, new information. I always dread the start of a new month, there's always so much information to add to the wiki lol. I don't hate it, of couse, otherwise I wouldn't be doing this. But I'm always glad to get all the typing out of the way. ^_^

February is especially busy, not only is it the shortest month, meaning events and things are much closer together, i also have to update the new LINE ID list, which I think capped out early again. o_O

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Seishinsan Seishinsan 29 April 2018

New International Version Timed Exclusives

So it appears that for only the second time ever, the International version is getting a new Tsum before the Japan version. The Stormtrooper from Star Wars. The first being the initial Zootopia Tsums of Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, and Finnick.

They're also getting a new Star Wars Puzzle event before Japan as well. People might say it's the first time the International version is getting an event first, but two years ago, the International version got an exclusive Christmas Puzzle Event while the Japan version got a Star Wars event instead of a Christmas event. The Star Wars event was so difficult, that it was never ported to the International version and instead they got a rehashed Star Wars Part II event. There may have been people that didn't…

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Elitehoo85 Elitehoo85 2 August 2017

Auto Send means?

Hi all,

I'm fairly new in using this forum.

Can anyone tell me what does auto send means?


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Seishinsan Seishinsan 1 July 2016

Appreciate the contributions

I noticed starting from about a couple of weeks ago, there's been a dramatic increase in contributions, noticeably to the Plush section. I haven't been able to keep up with all the plushies, so that's been a huge help. ^_^

There's also be a lot of various additions, which is awesome too. Things have gotten unusually busy this time of year, so I haven't be able to do upkeep to the wiki as quickly as I normally would, so every little addition has been a world of help.

So I just wanted to spread my word of thanks to everybody that's been helping out. Won't list names, because if I leave anyone out, they might get insulted. But I keep my eye on the Wiki Activity, so I know who's been contributing. I'm not going anywhere. This isn't a farewell pos…

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BibiTotoLover BibiTotoLover 12 March 2016

All about that Tsum!

So.. I just got here and I'd like to share my brand new Tumblr Blog with you guys!

It really is brand now, because I just made it this afternoon and then I found this place, so two birds with one stone, I guess..

If you guys would like to visit from time to time or leave comments about it here on my Blog, I'd appreciate it. In time I will also add some Inside Out & Frozen Free Fall content, both referring to the Apps. 

Well, here's the link: http://disneyapps.tumblr.com/ (I really was surprised to see the link still being open to be honest!)

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