Blue Fairy is a Premium Box Tsum. She was introduced in tandem with the Disney Story Books Event (Japanese version: September 2017/Int'l version: January 2018).

Information Edit

Blue Fairy will create Bombs from all 3-chains and higher for a short time. Her base number required is 24 and her base time is 4 seconds. Higher skill levels will reduce the number required to fill in the skill meter.

Strategy Edit

The Bombs Blue Fairy creates are not normal Bombs. They are smaller blue bombs that will chain together when they are popped near other Bombs. Larger chains create larger blue bombs with a much bigger radius. Try to be as efficient as possible when using her skill, since the more blue bombs you create, the score and amount of coins will increase.

Skill Level Edit

Skill Level Required to Fill Skill Meter Time Skill Upgrade
1 24 4 sec. 1
2 24 5 sec. 1
3 22 5 sec. 2
4 22 6 sec. 4
5 20 6 sec. 8
6 20 7 sec. 20


Lucky TimesEdit

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