Boo is a Premium Box Tsum. She is a Limited Event Tsum and is not available from purchasing Premium Boxes outside of the event. She was introduced during the Japan Event Collecting Energy (August 2018) and the International Event Collect Energy (June 2019). On the Japan version only, she is also a voice Tsum.


Boo will create doors constantly moving along a rail. Tap one of the three different doors for a different Skill Effect. Her base time is 3.5 seconds.


  • Tapping a blue door will summon Sulley and turn all Boos into large Sulley Tsums for a short time. This is definitely effective for creating long chains as more and more boos turn into Sulleys, creating a long chain.
  • Tapping a green door will summon Mike and turn all Boos into tiny Mike Tsums for a short time. This is very similar to Wonderland Alice's skill.
  • Tapping a pink door will clear all Boos and they won't reappear for a short time.
  • She will also count for Initial "M" missions as her real name is "Mary".
  • Even though Boo doesn't have a visible mouth on her face, she still counts as a mouth Tsum Tsum, because she is wearing a suit consisting of a mouth to disguise herself.
  • Although Boo's eyes do not have visible whites, she still counts as a white eye Tsum Tsum, because the fake eyes on her suit have visible whites.

Skill LevelEdit

Skill Level Time Skill Upgrade
1 3.5 sec 1
2 4 sec 1
3 4.5 sec 2
4 5 sec 4
5 5.5 sec 7
6 6 sec 14



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