Cinderella is a Premium Box Tsum Tsum. For a limited time in the Japan version, while she was first introduced, she was a musical Tsum Tsum and played the song, "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" during gameplay. She was introduced to the International version on New Year's Day 2017 in tandem with the Cinderella event (January 2017).

Information Edit

Cinderella will connect any Tsum Tsum together in a chain for a short time. Her base chain size is 7.

Strategy Edit

Connect as many chains as possible and explode all Bubbles. From Skill Level 3 and on she starts to show her real power that comes with Time Bubbles. Her Skill doesn't pop Bubbles, so no need to pop bubbles before using her Skill. Bubbles will act as a barrier to prevent chains from being made through them. Make your chains quickly because the timer doesn't stop while you make the chains. Her Skill is very similar to Rapunzel's, except you can make multiple chains instead of one, but the Skill is timed while Rapunzel's lasts for the rest of the round.
In both versions, Cinderella counts as an initial-S Tsum Tsum due to the romaji in her Japanese name (Shinderera).

Skill Level Edit

Skill Level

Clears Skill Upgrade
1 7 1
2 8 1
3 9 2
4 10 4
5 11 8
6 12 16

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