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Donald is a Happiness Box Tsum Tsum. As if to emphasize Donald's short temper, he has no patience trying connect three or more of the same Tsums together, instead, clearing Tsum Tsum with his skill one Tsum Tsum at a time.


Donald is a Timed Skill Tsum Tsum, whose skill ability is to clear single Tsum Tsum with a tap, which also adds to your combo count. His base skill time is 4 seconds.


If playing Bingo and joining other events which requires a certain amount of combo, Donald is a very good choice to use due to creating one combo once it is tapped once. You can use multi-fingered taps to create high combos while his skill is in use in a matter of seconds, and the more you tap, the higher the combo.

Skill Level[]

Skill Level Time Skill Upgrade
1 4 sec 1
2 4.5 sec 2
3 5 sec 4