The following are some editing guidelines that the Disney Tsum Tsum Wiki follows.

If you need any additional clarification, please contact one of the wiki's admins or post on the forums.

Writing guidelines

When to edit

The wiki encourages editors to make an edit whenever they see an article that needs improving. Whether it be something as minor as a spelling mistake, or something larger like gaps in the facts provided, don't be afraid to jump in and improve the site.


Templates are put in place to maintain layout and consistency among the pages. Notify an administrator if you wish to change or alter any templates.

Spelling and grammar

As the wiki will be accessed and edited by various people around the world, spelling and grammar differences may occur. As such, American and British spellings will be accepted (i.e., color and colour). Informal spellings such as "rly" in place of "really", however, is not accepted. Please be aware that Disney Tsum Tsum is a game that can be played by children, so foul language is not allowed and is not encouraged on the forums either. Also, we want our children to grow up learning how to read and write correctly, so correct grammar is strongly encouraged, though we are aware mistakes will happen.

When to use the edit summary

Whenever there are significant changes to an article, please leave an explanation in the edit summary. If the change is minor (things like fixing spelling or adding links) there is less of a need to explain, though editors are welcome to.

What pages should not include


Just don't do it. If you're going to be lazy and copy someone else's work, you're better off creating a link to the person's source page in the forums, or referencing their page properly with the appropriate links. This way the original author won't get mad, you won't get banned, people will be happy and knowledgeable about things, and all will the right with the world.


Do not include any information that involves hacking or any other type of information that will otherwise violate LINE's Terms of Services and Agreement. This includes but is not limited to, altering game files to change scores, number of items, or amount of gold, overriding limitations set beyond normal gameplay, and other such actions.