Eeyore is a Happiness Box Tsum. Nobody ever thinks about poor Eeyore, so he has to think about himself. He'll make more Eeyores that you can connect together.

Information Edit

Eeyore Tsum is a Random Transformation Skill Tsum. His base variation is 8. The higher level Eeyore is, the more frequently he would appear in the screen.

Strategy Edit

Eeyore can be used to clear Bingo Missions requiring a blue Tsum.

Because Eeyore's skill makes more of him appear, you can keep connecting Eeyore tsums to activate his skill over and over and eventually get into a loop. This works especially if his skill is maxed out, and can be handy for getting high scores, chains and bubbles.

Skill Level Edit

Skill Level Variation (Tsums Transformed) Skill Upgrade
1 8 1
2 8~10 2
3 10 4


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