Events are special occasions which offer incentives in completing or simply participating in them.

Limited Time Events Edit

There have been limited one time only events that occurred in the game. They usually last a minimum of a couple weeks to over a month.

International EventsEdit

Limited Time Events for the International version.

Japan EventsEdit

Limited Time Events for the Japan version.

Marvel Events Edit

Limited Time Events for the Marvel Tsum Tsum Game.

Recurring Events Edit

Bonus Daily Mission Coins Edit

Japanese version: You will be able to earn extra Coins, usually up to 10,000 Coins, depending on your level when you finish your Daily Mission.

Double Score Rewards Edit

You will be able to earn double the amount of Coins rewarded from your high score at the end of the week. Rewards will increase up to 20,000 Coins, depending on your score.

Lucky Time Edit

During Lucky Time, specific Tsum Tsum will have an increased chance of being awarded from the Happiness or Premium Boxes. Lucky Time usually lasts 48 or 96 hours.

Pick Up Capsules / Gacha Edit

Pick Up Capsules, known as Pick Up Gacha in the Japanese version, show up as a third option to choose from in the Store. They appear once a month and remain available for 2 to 5 days. There are 15 Tsums at a cost of 30,000 coins per Tsum, for a total of 450,000 coins. Each Pick Up Capsule includes specific Tsums you can obtain and often more than one of each Tsum. If you empty the capsule of all 15 Tsums, you will be rewarded with a Skill Ticket.

International Pick Up CapsulesEdit

Images of Pick Up Capsules for the International version.

Japan Pick Up GachaEdit

Images of Pick Up Gacha for the Japan version.

Select Box Edit

Select Boxes appear as a third option in the store. There are only 12 types of Tsum Tsum in the Select Box, at the usual cost of 30,000 coins each and you can continue buying boxes until you have maxed out their Skill Levels.

International Select BoxesEdit

Images of Pick Up Capsules for the International version.

Daily Missions Edit

Daily Missions are sets of three specific missions with their own requirements to fulfill with coin rewards. They reset at the end of each day. Check out the Daily Missions page for detailed information.

Bingo Edit

Bingo is an ongoing card event where you have to complete specific missions to fill out your Bingo card. Visit the Bingo page for more detailed information.