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Evil Queen & Mirror is a Premium Box Tsum. They are currently only available on the Japanese version. They are a Limited Event Tsum and is not available form purchasing Premium Boxes outside of the Event. They were first introduced during the Japan event Villain's Challenge: The Dark Heart (March 2021). They are part of the Pairs Tsum version.


Evil Queen changes the Evil Queen Tsum into a hag Tsum temporarily which clears surrounding Tsum Tsum when connected. When a certain amount of this type of hag Tsum is cleared over the skills, at the end of the skill effect a poison apple will appear and clear the center of the Tsums. The Mirror clears one type of Tsum.

Pair Tsums are a new type of Tsums introduced to the game.

  • Pair Tsums will have two different Skills!
  • Both Characters will have their own Skill meter to fill up!
  • Clearing both Tsums will share the same Tsum clear count!


If you activate the Evil Queen's skill then the Mirror's skill the hag Tsum will definitely be cleared, and that would clear the surrounding Tsums.

Skill Level[]

Skill Level Radius Skill Upgrade
1 SS 1
2 S 1
3 M 2
4 L 4
5 LL 8
6 3L 20