Fantasmic Mickey is a Premium Box Tsum. When he was first introduced, on the Japanese version only, he was also a musical Tsum and would play the song,"Fantasmic!" during gameplay.

Information Edit

Fantasmic Mickey will create Fever Mode and will burst surrounding Tsums from the last Tsum of a traced chain. His base amount of Tsums required is 26 and his base time is 2.5 seconds. Higher skill levels will reduce the number required.

Strategy Edit

Ending a chain with a large Tsum during his skill will clear a much larger area of Tsums.

Tsums with similar Skills Edit

Parade Mickey (creates Fever Mode), Maleficent Dragon, and Maleficent (erase surrounding Tsums).

Skill Level Edit

Skill Level

Number Required

Time Skill Upgrade
1 26 2.5 sec 1
2 25 2.9 sec 1
3 24 3.3 sec 2
4 23 3.7 sec 4
5 22 4.1 sec 8
6 20 4.5 sec 20


Lucky TimesEdit

Japanese versionEdit


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