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Gaston is a Premium Box Tsum Tsum. He was first introduced during the Japan Event Beauty and the Beast (May 2017) and the International Event Beauty and the Beast (July 2017).


Gaston will clear a horizontal line of Tsum Tsum and will form a score bubble whatever the number of cleared Tsum Tsum. Then he will make a lot of Gaston Tsum Tsum fall for a short time afterwards. His base appearance rate is 50%.


  • Any Gaston cleared while his Skill is still active, won't fill the Skill Meter.
  • All Bubbles created during his Skill will be Score Bubbles instead of the expected type.

Skill Level[]

Skill Level MyTsum drop rate Skill Upgrade
1 50% 1
2 60% 1
3 70% 2
4 80% 4
5 90% 8
6 100% 20


Lucky Times[]

Japanese version[]