Series Aladdin
Box Type Premium
Skill Description Random effect. So random, we don't even know what it does!
Number Required For Full Charge 14
Minimum Score
(Lvl. 1)
Score Increase Per Level 18
Max Score
(Lvl. 50)
Tsums Required For Max Skill Upgrade 36

Genie is a Premium Box Tsum. He was introduced to the International version in tandem with the Aladdin Event (September 2016).

Information Edit

Genie Tsum is similar to Scrump, in that his skill will randomly be one of another Tsum's skill ability. His base variation amount is 4.

At Skill Level 1, his four variations include releasing balloons like Christopher Robin, turning all the bottom Tsums into Genie Tsums like Young Oyster, create a giant Genie in the center of the board like Alice, and erasing a horizontal line with Genie clapping his hands.

At Skill Level 6, Genie's variations include the skills of these Tsums: Alice, Ariel, Olaf, Mater, Pete, Miss Bunny, Little Oyster, Christopher Robin, and Tinker Bell.[1]

Skill Size/Ability increase together with Skill Level. For example, skill level 1, balloons raised is two, level 2 will be two to three, level 3 will be four.

Strategy Edit

Skill meter can be re-charged quickly after skill activation. Pay attention to the skill meter and tap skill again.

If coins count is taking too long from giant Genie(skill from Alice), you can tap the bubble around to stop counting and continue.

In last 1 or 2 seconds, it can be better not to activate his skill, since you may not have sufficient time to clear the tsums on screen (like giant Genie or other transformation), let Last Bonus give you additional tsums.

Skill Level Edit

Skill Level Variation Skill Upgrade
1 4 1
2 5 1
3 6 2
4 7 4
5 8 7
6 9 21


Lucky TimesEdit

Japanese versionEdit


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