Hearts are like Lives in other games. Every time you play the game, one Heart is used.

You gain one Heart automatically every 15 minutes, receive them from friends, or are awarded them as part of Bingo or Events. You can also purchase Hearts by tapping the "+" located to the right of the Hearts you own, then on the Trade for Hearts screen you can exchange Rubies for Hearts.

Sending and Receiving Hearts[edit | edit source]

You can send a Heart to a friend once an hour, whether it is from your Mail Box or the Weekly Ranking. Sending Hearts does not reduce your number of Hearts.

Mail Box[edit | edit source]

Tap the Mail Box, located to the right of the Hearts, to view and accept the Hearts received from your friends. Hearts will be saved in the Mail Box for up to 30 days. When you open and accept Heart messages one at a time, a Heart is automatically sent back to the sender. If you use the "Claim All" button, Hearts are not sent back to the senders. You are awarded 200 coins for each Heart message if you open and accept them within 1 hour of when they were received.

Weekly Ranking[edit | edit source]

The Weekly Ranking is a list of your friends in order of the scores of the week, from biggest to smallest. To the right of each friend's score is a blue circle with a Heart inside it. If the Heart is pink, you can tap the Heart to send it to your friend. If it is blue, you have sent that friend a Heart under an hour ago and can't send another Heart until it has been an hour since you sent one.

Event Hearts[edit | edit source]

During some Events, all or some random Hearts in the Heart Meter will change into an event-related appearance. When an Event Heart is used, something event-related will happen. Usually capsules that match the event's theme will fall during gameplay.

Chance Time[edit | edit source]

Events in which random hearts change their appearance, certain hours will have an increased change of getting Event Hearts in the Heart Meter. This is called Chance Time.

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