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This event ran July 2021.

On the International version of Tsum Tsum, a new event is going on! it lasts until 7/29 11:59PM PDT! Earn Pins by clearing out the Event Gacha!

  • Clear 1 time: Silver Pin
  • Clear 2 times: Gold Pin
  • Clear 3 times: Platinum Pin


  • On the Weekly Rankings screen, tap an air balloon to challenge a Mission!
  • Clear the air balloons while they're available as they each have a time limit!
    • Clearing Missions to earn Medals to use on the Event Gacha!
  • Mickey is a Special Air Balloon!
    • Have a chance to earn lots of Medals!
    • Use Bombs and Skills to collect the Medal Bags!
  • Clear Friend's Balloons and earn Medals in return!
  • Collect various rewards from the Gacha!
    • Daruma Donald Tsum can be rewarded!
  • Use one of this month's new Tsums for a Character Bonus!