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This event ran October 2019.

On the International version of Tsum Tsum, a Halloween Score Challenge 2019 is going on! The event ends 10/6 11:59 PM PDT! Use one of the specified Tsums to earn a high score!


  • Complete in three groups to challenge a ranking!
  • There are 7 Ranks: S, A, B, C, D, E, & F.
    • Rank is determined by your highest score with any of the group's Tsum Tsum!
    • The border line of each Rank will fluctuate depending on the scores of the participants.
    • The border lines will be updated every hour.
    • The final border lines will not change from 6 hours before the end of the event. (i.e. around 10/6 6PM PDT)
  • After the end of the event, pins and items will be given out!

Rewards Edit

Get item rewards for each group. (i.e. try all 3 groups for 3 rewards.)

  • S Rank: Item Set x3, Level Ticket x5
  • A Rank: Item Set x2, Level Ticket x5
  • B Rank: Item Set x1, Level Ticket x5
  • C Rank: Level Ticket x5
  • D Rank: Level Ticket x3
  • E Rank: Level Ticket x1
  • F Rank: n/a

Get an event Pin for your best rank in any of the 3 groups. (I.e. only 1 pin awarded.)

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