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This event ran October 2018. Good Night Pooh and Gopher were introduced during this event. On the Japanese version of Tsum Tsum, a new event is going on! It lasts until 10/30 11:59 PM JST! Clear all 30 Cards to earn Tickets and Pins!


  • Two types of Event Hearts will randomly appear!
  • Collect the Candy that the Tsum wants!
  • Give out Candies to decorate the party's interior!
  • Gold Candy Hearts
    • Burst Small Candies to earn 1-5 candies!
    • Burst Large Candies to earn 10 candies!
  • Purple Striped Special Hearts!
    • Burst the Candy Jar to earn 10 Candies!
    • Hit it 5 times to burst the Candy Jar!
  • Use this month's new Tsums (Mischievous Jack, Lock, Vampire Teddy, Good Night Pooh and Gopher) for a Character Bonus!


Introduced Tsums[]