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This event ran during March 2018. Space Ranger Buzz, Zurg, Sheriff Woody, Miguel, and Holiday Olaf were introduced in tandem with this event.

On the Japanese version of Tsum Tsum, a new Space Rangers Event is going on! The event lasts until 3/26 10:59 AM JST!

Clear Missions to earn Points! Earn 100,000 Points to get a Pin!


  • Challenge the 4 Missions to report to Star Command!
    • You can only challenge each Mission 1 time!
  • Rescue the Aliens by using your Bombs and Skills on the captured Aliens!
  • Pursue Zurg!
    • Use your Bombs and Skills to target Zurg's Target!
    • Attacking anything other than Zurg's Target will not cause any damage!
    • Clear it within 1 hour to earn massive Points!
  • Support your Friends!
    • When you Support your Friends you will earn support Points!
  • Earn Coins and Items depending on your Points!
    • Your Space Ranger Rank will also increase!
    • Check the rewards on the back of the card!
  • Use one of the new Tsums for a Character Bonus!

Note: Due to the nature of the event, it will be impossible to translate all the Missions. If you need help translating a mission, please post an image of it in the comment section below.