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This event ran February 2021. It introduced Shining Rapunzel, Sinister Pete, and Agent P.

On the Japanese version of Tsum Tsum, there's a new event going on! It lasts until 2/28 11:59PM JST! Earn Treasure Points to get Pins and Rewards!

Earn the new Explorer Goofy Tsum! Explorer Goofy will clear the center area of Tsums!


  • Tap a "?" mark to challenge a Mission!
    • Find the Treasure Chests!
  • Collect Treasure Points from getting Treasure Chests!
    • Check the back of the card to check your Treasure Points!
  • Find Treasure Chests to play Treasure Chest Missions!
    • Green Treasure Chests
      • Use Bombs and Skills to collect lots of Treasure Chests!
    • Red Treasure Chests
      • Use Bombs and Skills to open the Treasure Chest!
      • Red Chests might have the new Explorer Goofy Tsum!
    • Collect new Treasure Maps!
      • During game play, Treasure Maps inside bottles will appear!
      • Use Bombs and Skills to collect it!
    • Rare Maps of the World of Disney is also available!
      • Rare Maps may have Gold Treasure Chests!
    • Gold Treasure Chests
      • Collect Capsules with the matching Password to open the Treasure Chest!
      • Play a Coin Bonus Game if you open the Gold Treasure Chest!
    • Use one of this month's new Tsums for a Character Bonus!
    • Earn 9,000 Treasure Points for a Silver Pin!
    • Earn 13,000 Treasure Points for a Gold Pin!
    • Earn 18,000 Treasure Points for a Platinum Pin!


(Note: Mission list may be abandoned if new Maps start to appear random)

  • Enter Fever 2 times in 1 play.
  • Earn 340 Coins in total.
  • Trace a 7-chain or greater.
  • Get a 20 Combo in 1 play.
  • Use your Skill 1 time in 1 play.
  • Earn 1,500,000 Points in total.