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Maleficent is a Premium Box Tsum Tsum.


Maleficent is a Chain Burst Skill Tsum Tsum. While her Skill is active, she will clear surrounding Tsum Tsum of any chain you clear. Her base time is 3.3 seconds. Higher Skill levels increase the amount of time her Skill lasts.

Maleficent is a Villain Tsum Tsum, due to the fact that she is a villain to Princess Aurora. However, she doesn't belong to the Sleeping Beauty series because her Tsum Tsum is based on the live-action movie titled Maleficent.


  • Try to connect as many chains as possible within the time limit given by the Skill, whether it's short or long.
  • If there are big Tsum Tsum, try to clear them by connecting them or connecting chains close to them.
  • Connecting more Tsum Tsum gives you more points, so you need to be efficient when activating her Skill.

Skill Level[]

Skill Level Time (sec) Skill Upgrade
1 3.3 1
2 3.8 2
3 4.3 3
4 4.9 4
5 5.4 6
6 6 20

Future Events[]

During the Japan Event September 2019 Tsum Tsum Scratch and the International Event April 2020 Tsum Tsum Scratch, players had a chance to receive a Maleficent Tsum Tsum every time they scratched three hook symbols on a card, but their Captain Hook Tsum Tsum were maxed out.


Lucky Times[]

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