Maui is a Premium Box Tsum Tsum.

Information Edit

Maui will have random effects; we don't know what will happen. His base effect is SS in the Japanese version and XS in the International version.

Maui will clear a thin vertical line with his fish hook, and transform into one of a number of different animals. He can transform into a fish, and jump around randomly creating Bubbles. Or into an eagle and clear a large vertical line of Tsum Tsum and Bubbles. Or into an iguana and transforms a circle of Tsum Tsum into Maui.

Strategy Edit

Clear all bubbles in the middle column before activating his Skill, since Maui's eagle transformation will pop all bubbles.

Skill Level Edit

Skill Level Effect (JP) Effect (Intl.) Skill Upgrade
1 SS XS 1
2 S S 1
3 M M 2
4 L L 4
5 LL XL 7
6 3L XXL 14


Lucky TimesEdit

Japanese versionEdit

International versionEdit


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