Series 101 Dalmatians
Box Type Premium
Skill Description Tap the screen to place a paw print to clear horizontal lines of Tsums!
Number Required For Full Charge 17
Minimum Score
(Lvl. 1)
Score Increase Per Level 17
Max Score
(Lvl. 50)
Tsums Required For Max Skill Upgrade 29
Patch is a Premium Box Tsum. He was introduced to the Japanese version in tandem with the Disney Story Books Event (September 2017).

Information Edit

Patch will clear three horizontal lines of Tsums wherever you tap on the screen to place a paw print. His base radius size is SS.

Strategy Edit

Patch's skill clears individual Tsums instead of larger horizontal chains. This results in no Bombs being created, but it does give you a high Combo.

Skill Level Edit

Skill Level Radius Skill Upgrade
1 SS Size 1
2 S Size 1
3 M Size 2
4 L Size 4
5 LL Size 7
6 3L Size 14


Lucky TimesEdit

International versionEdit


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