Pick Up Capsules, known as Pick Up Gacha in the Japanese version, show up as a third option to choose from in the Store. They appear once a month and remain available for 2 to 5 days. There are usually 15 Tsums at a cost of 30,000 coins per Tsum, for a total of 450,000 coins. (Occasionally there are 20 Tsums for a total of 600,000 coins.)

Pickup Capsules Tsum Tsum Swap!

Tsum Tsum reaches Max skill and is replaced

Each Pick Up Capsule includes specific Tsums you can obtain and often more than one of each Tsum. If any of the Tsum Tsum are at max skill level, then those capsules will be replaced with a Premium Ticket.

If you empty the capsule of all 15 Tsums in this special box, you will be rewarded with a Skill Ticket.

Pick Up Capsule images are in order of most recent.

International versionEdit

Images of Pick Up Capsules for the International version.




Japan versionEdit

Images of Pick Up Gacha for the Japanese version.

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