Pumpkin King is a Premium Box Tsum. For a limited time on the Japanese version only, when he was first introduced, he would be a musical Tsum and play the song, "This is Halloween" during game play. He was introduced to the Japanese version in tandem with the Halloween 2017 Event (October 2017) and the International event Haunted Halloween (October 2018).

Information Edit

Pumpkin King will clear surrounding Tsums in a chain, but will also destroy Magical Bubbles in its path. His base number required is 24 and his base time is 3 seconds. Higher skill levels reduce the number required.

Strategy Edit

Pumpkin King can be used for missions that involve clearing a large number of brown Tsum Tsum in one play. Since he counts as a brown Tsum Tsum, but does not belong in that color family, more than one type of brown Tsum Tsum can appear on screen, allowing more of such Tsum Tsum to be cleared in one round.

Skill Level Edit

Skill Level Number Required Time Skill Upgrade
1 24 3 sec 1
2 24 3.5 sec 1
3 22 3.5 sec 2
4 22 4 sec 4
5 20 4 sec 8
6 20 4.5 sec 20


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