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Queen Elsa is a Premium Box Tsum Tsum. She is a Limited Event Tsum Tsum and is not available from purchasing Premium Boxes outside of the event. She was first introduced during the Japan Event 5th Anniversary Tsum Tsum History (January 2019) and the International Event 5th Anniversary Tsum Tsum History (July 2019). She is known as Snow Queen Elsa in the Japanese version.


Queen Elsa will freeze surrounding Tsum Tsum in a chain. The chain can then be broken with a tap. Her base time is 3.5 seconds and her base Skill range is SS/XS.


Try to connect as many chains as possible and clear the frozen Tsum Tsum in a tap as quickly as you can, since you earn more points the more Tsum Tsum you clear.

Skill Level[]

Skill Level Range (JP) Range (Intl.) Time (sec) Skill Upgrade
1 SS XS 3.5 1
2 S S 4 1
3 M M 4.5 2
4 L L 5 4
5 LL XL 5.5 8
6 3L XXL 6 20