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During each game, points are earned through making chains, combos, clearing Tsums in Fever Mode, your Experience Level, and more. The final calculation is the score. Several factors influence the score and there are some benefits to higher scores.

Factors That Influence Score[]

+Score Item[]

Adding the +Score Item increases score by 10%. None of the other Items increase score, although they can enable the ability to earn higher scores.


Connect as many Tsums as possible. The longer the chain, the higher the score.


Consecutive chains without delay in between are called combos. Bigger combos earn a higher score.

Tsums Cleared[]

For every Tsum cleared in a game, the score increases.

Fever Mode[]

During Fever Mode, clearing Tsums earns a higher score.

Experience Level[]

Each game played earns Experience, which is symbolized as stars. The Level Bonus received at the end of a game is based on the Experience Level.

Tsum Level[]

Each Tsum has a Tsum Level and a Skill Level. The Skill Level does not influence score, although it can enable the ability to earn higher scores. The Tsum Level increases whenever that Tsum is cleared in a game (whether it's the MyTsum or one of the other Tsums). The higher the Tsum Level of all of the Tsums in each game, the higher the score. Tsums that have reached a level cap (symbolized with a padlock on their Tsum Level progress bar) will not gain any extra points to their level until they have been unlocked.

Benefits of High Scores[]

Bingo and Event Missions[]

When completing Bingo Missions or the missions within some Events, a certain score may be required. For example, needing to earn a score of 3.5 million with a Tsum Tsum wearing a hat. Having a variety of Tsums in your collection with high Tsum Levels will help complete this type of mission.

Weekly Ranking[]

Each Sunday, scores above specific benchmarks and the top three of the Weekly Ranking earn coins as a reward.


Scores of over 5 million and 10 million earn a special pin.