Scrump is a Premium Box Tsum Tsum.

Information Edit

Scrump is a Random Skill Tsum Tsum, which is similar to Genie and Maui. She uses a random skill ability of one of the other Tsum Tsum. Her base variation is 3.

Scrump can remove a vertical line like Stitch, allows you to make chains without losing time for three or more seconds like Pooh, remove all the Tsum Tsum in the center like Mickey, turn several Tsum Tsum into Scrump Tsum Tsum like Eeyore, clears a horizontal line of Tsum Tsum like Pluto, clears a cross shape (like this: +) of Tsum Tsum like Buzz Lightyear, turns a few Tsums into big Scrump Tsum Tsum like Sulley, and makes several Magic Bubbles like Marie.

Strategy Edit

Allow Tsum Tsum to fall and settle a little before using her skill, just in case the next skill clears a burst of Tsum Tsum (the Mickey, Pluto, and Buzz Lightyear skills).

Skill Level Edit

Skill Level Skills Skill Upgrade
1 3 1
2 4 2
3 5 3
4 6 4
5 7 6
6 8 12


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