Spring Miss Bunny is a Premium Box Tsum. She is a limited event Tsum and is not available from purchasing Premium Boxes. She was introduced during the Japan event Easter Garden (April 2018) and the International Event Incredibles 2 Puzzles (March 2019).


Spring Miss Bunny will create random bubbles. Her base number required for full charge is 18 and her base number of bubbles created is 2. Higher skill levels reduce the number required and increase the number of bubbles.


She will create large sized Bubbles instead of the regular sized Bubbles that will count towards large Tsum missions. She will also create random Item Bubbles similar to regular Miss Bunny.

Skill LevelEdit

Skill Level Number Required Number Skill Upgrade
1 18 2 1
2 17 2 1
3 17 3 2
4 16 3 4
5 16 4 7
6 15 4 14


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