Thumper is a Premium Box Tsum.

Information Edit

Thumper Tsum is a Center Burst Skill Tsum. He will clear Tsums from the center in a heart shape. His base burst radius size is SS (XS in the International version).

Strategy Edit

Because Thumper dosen't require a lot of Tsums to fill his skill meter, he is ideal for Daily Missions that require a certain number of skills to be used. He is classified as a Sweetheart Tsum because he summons a silhouette of Miss Bunny during his skill.

Skill Level Edit

Skill Level Radius (JP) Radius (Intl) Skill Upgrade
1 SS Size XS Size 1
2 S Size S Size 2
3 M Size M Size 3
4 L Size L Size 4
5 LL Size XL Size 6
6 3L Size XXL Size 18


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