Top Hat Genie is a Premium Box Tsum. He is currently only available on the Japanese version. He is a Limited Event Tsum and is not available from purchasing Premium Boxes outside of the event. He was introduced during the Japan Event Genie's The Magic Show (July 2018.) He is also a musical Tsum and will play the song, "Friend Like Me" during gameplay.


Top Hat Genie will create random skill events. His base radius is SS and his base number required is 21. Higher Skill levels reduce the number required.


His skills be one of three actions. He will turn random Tsums into Genies with a white top hat that will clear surrounding Tsums when connected to the regular Top Hat Genie Or create two types of Tsums for a short time, which are the front and back of Top Hat Genie. Or you will pick one of three playing cards and they will clear an X-shaped area of Tsums. If you choose the matching card, it will clear one more time.

Skill LevelEdit

Skill Level Radius Number Required Skill Upgrade
1 SS 21 1
2 S 20 1
3 M 19 2
4 L 18 4
5 LL 17 8
6 3L 16 20


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