One of the main points of the game is to collect the various Tsum characters and level them up, both in skill and level, resulting in more powerful Tsums that are worth a higher score for each Tsum. This is a list of the currently available Tsums both for the Japanese and International versions.

The list of Marvel Tsum Tsums can be found here.

List of TsumsEdit

*Available in Japanese version only.
#Available in International version only.

Happiness TsumsEdit

Premium TsumsEdit

Gallery ListingEdit

Check the following pages for a sorted image gallery of all current Tsums.

International TsumsEdit

A gallery list of all Tsum Tsums available on the International version.

Japan TsumsEdit

A gallery list of all Tsum Tsums available on the Japanese version.

Rotating Premium Boxes Edit

The available Tsums in Premium Boxes rotates every month.

International Premium BoxesEdit

See the list of Premium Tsums that are available this month here.

Japan Premium BoxesEdit

See the list of Premium Tsums that are available this month here.

Tsum Charts Edit

MyTsum Chart Edit

See the MyTsum Chart for comparison of how many Tsums you will need clear to activate their skill, what series they belong to, and skill description.

Skill Upgrade Chart Edit

Continuing from chiiching's now abandoned website, we have added a Skill Upgrade Chart to get an instant view of how many you will need to upgrade your Tsum Tsum to the next Skill Level.

Score ChartEdit

The Score Chart gives the Minimum and Maximum scores and the increase amount per level for each Tsum Tsum.

Tsums by Categories Edit

Tsums by Attribute Edit

For missions in Bingo and some Events, you will need Tsums with specific attributes like eyelashes, yellow hands, or a hat. See all of the attributes mentioned in missions.

Tsums by Skill Edit

Your MyTsum Skill is the ability that is activated after you tap on a full skill meter. Each skill and the amount needed to fill the meter differs depending on your MyTsum.

Tsums by Series Edit

Each Tsum belongs to a series, such as Piglet belongs to the Winnie the Pooh series and Woody belongs to the Toy Story series.

Tsums by Color Edit

Some Bingo and Event Missions, require a Tsum of a specific color to complete the mission. For example, earning 500 coins with a yellow Tsum. This category will help distinguish which Tsums qualify for each color.

Tsums by Color Family Edit

Tsums are grouped by color so that similar colors will not appear together in a game. A Tsum may be pink and not red, but they will belong to the Red Color Family because they are close enough to red that it would be difficult to distinguish between a red Tsum and a pink Tsum while playing.

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