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Tsum Tsum Arcade is an arcade machine version of the game created by Konami. There are numerous differences between the arcade version and the LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum version of the game.

It started in Japan in 2014, and was brought over to the US at select test locations in 2015. It returned permanently to the US at select Round1 locations in 2016. It is also found at select arcades in Singapore, Phillipines, New Zealand, and Thailand.

How to Play[]

The core concept is the same as normal; connect three or more of the same Tsums to clear them and accumulate points, Exp, and Coins. You pick two MyTsums to play with, instead of just one like the mobile version.

It can also sense multi-touch and multiple people can help you play on the same screen.

The main draw of the arcade version is you can collect and scan in figurines that dispense from the arcade machine.There are three different modes you can choose to play from.

  • Normal: The standard, regular version of the game.
  • Balloon: Balloons with mini Tsums will appear. Keep tapping the Balloons to release the mini Tsums.
  • Rotating: The game area is hexagon shape and will continually rotate throughout your gameplay, like a washing mashine.

You can also play VS. Mode against another person using a second machine. As you clear Tsums, you will drop extra Tsums onto your opponent's screen. When their screen fills up with Tsum Tsum, they will lose. Best of three matches wins.


Figurines are a main draw to the Tsum Tsum Arcade game. A normal game play will cost 100 Japanese yen, or the international currency equivalent thereof. If you put in 500 yen, (some arcade machines have it discounted to 400 yen) you will receive a capsule that contains one of the many Tsum Tsum figurines. The figurines come with a strap attachment so you can hook it on to things. They average in size of approximately 30mm. Aside from being a mere collectible, they also function as an integral part of the game. You can scan your figurine into the game to use it as either your MyTsum, or to fill up your game play roster, so you can play with specific Tsums, instead of random Tsums.

If you have an e-Amusement Pass, you can register the Tsums Tsums to your account, and save them for future use and leveling up. Registering duplicate Tsum Tsum Figurines will increase its skill level!

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