So the wiki has had our Forums automatically converted to the new Discussions format recently. It looks like it works a bit like message boards like Reddit and things of that nature. To be honest, it doesn't really work for this little slice of wiki life, but we'll just need to make do with what we have. Users will need to create a Fandom account to post anything on Discussions now, so if you wish to post your LINE ID in the Discussions thread, please do so.

I'm not familiar with Discussions myself, so this will be a learning journey for those of us who haven't been active in other Fandom websites. On the plus side, I can probably stop double posting events in Forums and on the event page itself. I'll probably still keep posting about new Tsum releases in Discussions, but we'll see how everything works over time.

To be frank, I had been thinking about switching wiki sites for a few years now, but with over 1,000 pages, that's way too much work to transfer all that data for a mobile game info site. So really, nothing to do, but accept any changes that come along, and keep on moving on.

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