So it appears that for only the second time ever, the International version is getting a new Tsum before the Japan version. The Stormtrooper from Star Wars. The first being the initial Zootopia Tsums of Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, and Finnick.

They're also getting a new Star Wars Puzzle event before Japan as well. People might say it's the first time the International version is getting an event first, but two years ago, the International version got an exclusive Christmas Puzzle Event while the Japan version got a Star Wars event instead of a Christmas event. The Star Wars event was so difficult, that it was never ported to the International version and instead they got a rehashed Star Wars Part II event. There may have been people that didn't mind because the Part II event was locked to people who didn't sign up with LINE and was playing with a guest account.

Only time will tell if Japan will get the Star Wars puzzle event, and when they're going to get the Stormtrooper Tsum. It's interesting how they time their releases for both game versions. The Japan January 2017 winter event ended up being the International December 2017 Christmas event since Japan didn't have a Chrismas event in 2016.

So, why a blog post, you might be asking? I needed a break after updating all the Attributes categories and just felt like writing something random.

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