Series Wall-E
Box Type Premium
Skill Description Takes a horizontal line of Tsums and makes them smaller and can be cleared with surrounding Tsums!
Number Required For Full Charge 10-15
Minimum Score
(Lvl. 1)
Score Increase Per Level 17
Max Score
(Lvl. 50)
Tsums Required For Max Skill Upgrade 29
Wall-E is a Premium Box Tsum. He is a Limited Time Event Tsum and is not available for purchase from Premium Boxes outside of the event. He was introduced in tandem with the Japan Pixar Puzzles Event (August 2017).

Information Edit

Wall-E will take a horizontal line of Tsums and compact them into small Tsums in the center. They can then be cleared when clearing the surrounding Tsums. His base number required is 15 and his base radius is SS. Higher skills level reduce the number required.

Strategy Edit

Skill Level Edit

Skill Level Number Required Radius Skill Upgrade
1 15 SS 1
2 14 S 1
3 13 M 2
4 12 L 4
5 11 LL 7
6 10 3L 14

Videos Edit

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