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Weekly Ranking is the leaderboard of your LINE friends who have installed the Disney Tsum Tsum Game app. LINE friends are sorted by the highest score that friend has earned since the previous Sunday.

To the right of each friend's score is a blue circle with a Heart inside it. If the Heart is pink, you can tap the Heart to send it to your friend. If it is blue, you have sent that friend a Heart under an hour ago and can't send another Heart until it has been an hour since you sent one.

Each Sunday, the top three of the Weekly Ranking earn coins as a reward.

Place in Ranking Coins Awarded
1 3,000
2 2,000
3 1,000

Weekly Score Bonus[]

The leaderboard also shows markers on the left, for personal score rewards. Achieving a Weekly High Score above those benchmarks will earn a reward each Sunday.

Score achieved Coins Awarded
500,000 3,000
750,000 4,000
1,000,000 5,000
1,500,000 6,000
2,000,000 8,000
3,000,000 10,000
5,000,000 12,000
7,500,000 14,000
10,000,000 16,000