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Woody & Buzz is a Premium Box Tsum. They are currently only available on the Japanese version. They are a Limited Event Tsum and are not available from purchasing Premium Boxes outside of the event. They were first introduced during the Japan Event Pixar Star Theater (June 2021). They are part of the new Pair Tsum version.


Woody & Buzz have two different types of Skills. Woody will create Star Bombs. Buzz will clear the center area of Tsums. Woody's base number is 2 and Buzz's base radius is SS.

Pair Tsums are a new type of Tsums introduced to the game.

  • Pair Tsums will have two different Skills!
  • Both Characters will have their own Skill meter to fill up!
  • Clearing both Tsums will share the same Tsum clear count!


Activating Woody's Skill followed by Buzz's Skill will be highly effective and create a high score multiplier.

Skill Level[]

Skill Level Occurance Number Radius Skill Upgrade
1 2 SS 1
2 2-3 S 1
3 3 M 2
4 3-4 L 4
5 4 LL 8
6 4-5 3L 20