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Yen Sid is a Premium Box Tsum Tsum. He is a limited event Tsum Tsum and is not available from purchasing Premium Boxes outside of the event. He was first introduced during the Japan Event Disney Music Books (February 2018) and the International Event Goods Store (June/July 2020). For a limited time on the Japanese version only, when he was first introduced, he was also a musical Tsum Tsum, and played the song, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", during gameplay.


Yen Sid will make connecting chains together easier for a short time. Any Bubbles created during the Skill will clear larger areas than normal. His base range is SS/XS and his base time is 4.5 seconds. Higher Skill levels will increase the duration of the Skill.


  • Try to create as many 7+ chains as possible to create more butterfly Bubbles. Doing so will allow you to clear more areas of Tsum Tsum.
  • Any remaining butterfly Bubbles clear themselves during the Last Bonus after each round.
  • The time does not stop during Yen Sid's Skill, so make the chains quickly.

Skill Level[]

Skill Level Range (JP) Range (Intl.) Time (sec) Skill Upgrade
1 SS XS 4.5 1
2 S S 5 1
3 M M 5.5 2
4 L L 6 4
5 LL XL 6.5 8
6 3L XXL 7 20